I have to admit, I was extremely hesitant to order from this site for obvious reasons but I’m very glad I took the chance. Smooth process and great products. Shipping was fairly quick but oddly enough I received my order before I even got an email confirmation or tracking number so they were pretty late with that. No big deal. What I do find concerning is that I ordered two 10 ML vials of Test E by Military Pharma. I’m doing 1 ML twice a week therefore a vial should give me 10 doses. Oddly my first bottle only gave me 7. I’ve been very precise with my doses so I’m switching syringes to see if maybe that resolves it but honestly I just think the vials come short. Anyone else experiencing this? I’m going to have to order another vial and now pay the extra $18 shipping they charge. In the future I’ll be sure to always order an extra vial to prevent being shorted but first time around I have to say it’s pretty annoying.

DM, Order #1446

Due to COVID-19 we had shipping problems with some of the orders — please email/telegram us your order # if you didn't received it !!! Dismiss